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Bringing together a management team from two completely different industries was no easy task! focused on satisfying each market they represent and combining their talents into a cohesive unit has a company with strong leadership, excellent relationship management, focused and driven to exceed customer expectations by design.

Cybele (pronounced, c-bell), the mother of the greek gods, often seen with Lions.

Our Values

We believe that providing excellent customer service takes away the stress of day to day operations
People you can count on to deliver when you need it
70 years of combined experience, our core team can help you with the simple and complex solutions

Clique Hotel Collection

Independent, Unique & Authentic


We bring together a blend of one-of-a-kind hotels that deliver special experiences. Each property offers its own character, differentiated service, hospitality, Mexican warmth and unique accommodations.


We help ourselves and others to do the right things by mapping out where we need to go to win as a team in a dynamic and inspiring way.


Independent hotels face difficulty getting noticed in a competitive landscape in the market share. Being part of a soft brand collection has a large number of advantages, primarily maintaining autonomy while increasing visibility and access to resources at a lower cost. It also allows the hotel the freedom to provide a unique experience without being boxed-in by standards.


Now you are able to get a professional, corporate image without the cost of a physical office in the United States !


Sales packets will be delivered in sales calls each day of the blitz. The packets generally include a brochure of the property, rate sheet, meeting room diagrams (if applicable), fliers with any promotions and general information concerning the hotel.


Traditionally, mailings are the most effective, fast and affordable way to reach our target audience and get our marketing message out the door.


We all know that in the past years, the Travel Agency industry is going away. After all, most airline companies and hotels today have internet sites where customers can buy tickets and book rooms. Is technology is replacing people ? Some evidence suggests otherwise considering the fact that this year, after over a decade of travel agency jobs fading away, reports that travel agency ticket sales have increased by 5.15%.


Our 3 R’s: Good advertising puts the Right marketing message in front of the Right people at the Right time and it can increase awareness of what your business offers, help you find new customers and boost your sales. Placing ads in the press and in directories can be an affordable and effective marketing tool since it offers a targeted way of spreading the word about your business to large numbers of people.

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Currently, trade shows remain among the most valued and used business-to-business marketing strategies, receiving the greatest share of the b2b marketing budget and consistently ranking highly in effectiveness.

Surfacing Materials Division

Consumables for your critical precision surfaces.

Our Brands:

Aion Optics Polishing Pads

Optoma Precision Ophthalmic Polish

Valora Ceria Polishing Slurries

Optoma 870 Plastic Lens Polish

Our lower concentration version, ideal for labs who demand a lens polish that features long life, low foam, stable removal and excellent surface finish at an affordable price.

Optoma 870 Data Sheet

Optoma 890 Plastic Lens Polish

Our high concentration version, ideal for labs who demand a lens polish that features long life, low foam, stable removal and excellent surface finish at an affordable price.

Optoma 890 Data Sheet

Formulated to match the "Industry standard", but built to perform into your future! Available in a wide variety of sizes, thickness, shapes and grooving patterns, we can provide you with an solution that maintains your current process and reduces your consumable cost.

Aion Optics Pads

Valora 535
High Purity Ceria Slurry

Developed to replace the using Ceria Powders in your process. Valora 535 offers your general production polish an improvement by tighter distribution of particles, excellent suspension stability, accelerated polish rate and reduced scratch/dig ratio over the "Industry Standard" at an affordable price. Valora 535 provides excellent polish results when used for precision polishing of BK7, Fused Silica and Glass substrates, it performs well on pitch or a variety of polyurethane filled and un-filled polish pads. Unlike slurries that use chemical acceleration the neutral pH of Valora products ensure complete compatibility with your application.

Valora 535 comes in a high concentration formula, which you dilute to your current production level, no mixing powders, easy to handle, and no hard packing make this a superior replacement for existing Ceria Powders.

Valora 535 Properties
Abrasive: Ceria
Particle size: 1.2 - 1.4µm D50, 6µm D90
pH: 6.6 - 7.4
Baumé: 40 - 46
Packaging: 1 Gal Bottles, 4 Bottles per Case

Valora 555
High Purity Ceria Slurry

Valora 555 is a high purity high concentration Ceria Slurry, formulated at a neutral pH so it can be used across a wide variety of Optical substrates without etching or hazing associated with high or low pH Slurries. Valora 555's sub micron particle size and tightly controlled distribution provide excellent surface finish while keeping sleeking, scratches, digs and reduced sub-surface damages to a bare minimum. formulate to have excellent suspension properties and stable performance it performs the other slurries in it's class. Valora 555 performs excellent on polyurethane filled or un-filled polish pads as well as a large variety of pitches to meet your critical precision polishing requirements.

Valora 555 Properties
Abrasive: Ceria
Particle size: 0.4 - 0.6µm D50
pH: 6.6 - 7.4
Baumé: 40 - 46
Packaging: 1 Gal Bottles, 4 Bottles per Case.


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